Five Reasons to Vote Juan Guillen

(1) OPEN MINDED.  Juan Guillen is an enthusiastic candidate that comes to City Council with an open mind.  He > more

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Why We’re Supporting Juan Guillen

Juan Guillen is the only candidate endorsed by Mayor Gordon. Dr. Gordon is a dedicated voice in > more

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Three Reasons You Should Vote In City Elections

(1) ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL.  Often the decisions that most directly effect our families, neighborhoods, schools, and public > more

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Burbank 2015 Primary Election Results

This year 10,190 ballots were cast in the primary election in February. For City Council, the incumbent Emily > more

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Take Action Against Mansionization! Attend the Tuesday, March 10th Council Meeting!

The landscape of Burbank neighborhoods is being drastically altered by the construction or enormous, mega-mansions that are > more

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